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M-Sten is a product containg Methylstenbolone. It's considered as the safer and more user-friendly alternative to Superdrol. It boosts strength levels, helps promote the development of fuller muscles and bulks you up without the risk of retaining excess water in the body.

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About M-Sten

Results after a couple of weeks. Lean muscle gains up to 25 pounds in 4 weeks have been logged for this compound. Chances of retaining too much water while cycling with this product are very minimal. Methylstenbolone doesn’t have an affinity for the progesterone receptor and won’t convert to an estrogenic metabolite when absorbed by the body. Aromatization is virtually impossible with Methylstenbolone. Still highly recommended that you have the right on-cycle support and post cycle therapy.

M-Sten post cycle therapy

Can be used as a standalone prohormone or stacked with other anabolic steroids. Beginning your cycle with a higher dose can possibly lead to the accumulation of mineral corticoids and inhibition of 11-beta hydroxylase in the body, which can make you vulnerable to higher water retention. Post cycle is crucial when it comes to considerably reducing the side effects.

Recommend that you use the following products to properly pull this off. Besides staving off liver stress that can potentially set off serious health issues sooner or later, these products also help maintain ideal lipid profiles and keep blood pressure levels in check. You can also go for TUDCA to pull this off, which is specifically designed to reduce the amount of toxins that are churned out when the liver is overworked, while helping enhance its overall function in the process.

M-Sten administration

Bulking: It is possible that you can gain approximately 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle with a daily 15mg dose of Methylstenbolone for 4 weeks.
Cutting: Users report that they were able to get rid of as much as 3% of body fat while packing up to 6 pounds of muscle when they took a daily dose of Methylstenbolone in 4-week period.
Re-comp: With a daily 15mg dose of Methylstenbolone for 4 weeks, users tip off that they were able to eliminate as much as 2.2% of body fat while gaining 6 to 11 pounds of lean muscle.

However, it is still important to take note of your diet, alcohol consumption and genetics while cycling with this prohormone, since these factors can easily make or break your chances of realizing the results that you’re gunning for.

M-Sten side effects

If cycled without the proper on-cycle support and post cycle therapy:

    Bouts of flushing, headaches and aggression
    Dry joints
    Mild lethargy
    Accelerated hair loss or hair growth
    Increased sensitive in the nipples and puffiness
    A drop in libido

Why buy M-Sten

M-Sten boosts strength levels, helps promote the development of fuller muscles and bulks you up without the risk of retaining excess water in the body. If you buy M-Sten from Arcas Nutrion, you won’t be disappointed.

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