Hexarelin is a growth hormone similar to GHRP-6, however, it has been shown to be much stronger producing a larger increase in naturally produced growth hormone. Some data suggest it may be the strongest synthetic growth hormone releasing hormone on the market.

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Hexarelin Acetate

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10mg Hexarelin (VIAL)

About Hexarelin

Hexarelin is comprised of a chain of amino acids that cause the release of growth hormones into the body. Hexarelin causes significantly stronger increase in growth hormone compared to GHRP-6.

Hexarelin also one of the faster acting growth hormone products on the market, causing growth hormone levels increase as quickly as in four weeks. However, use past the sixteen week mark has been shown to produce little to no results. Therefore, an ideal Hexarelin cycle falls in the 8-12 week range with minimum of 4-6 weeks of no use between cycles.

Hexarelin effects

Being one of the most powerful growth hormone releasing hormones on the market, Hexarelin is most beneficial to the performance athlete.

The off-season athlete should find increases in mass and strength, increased recovery and an ability to maintain lower levels of body fat. Additionally, the user will find his anabolic steroid cycle to be far more effective when using Hexarelin.

For the cutting athlete, the enhanced metabolism and healing properties are the most beneficial factors. Data has shown Hexarelin is one of the most beneficial growth hormone products in this regard.

Even though Hexarelin is not a suitable long-term option due to the short-lived use that seems to exist, but it’s recovery type benefits are still hard to ignore. Such benefits include:

  • Joint healing
  • Strengthening of the neural system
  • Muscle fiber repair (ideal for injuries)
  • Direct increase of bone density
  • Heart protection

Hexarelin administration

Hexarelin is administered via a subcutaneous injection. It comes in dry powder form to be mixed with bacteriostatic water. 200mcg per day appears to be the best dose for most in terms of benefits, although some may go as high as 400mcg per day. Most data shows benefits of 200mcg per day are not exceeded with higher doses of Hexarelin.

Due to the inactivity that will occur in time, 16 weeks of use max is the general recommendation with a minimum of 4 weeks of no use before starting again. Most users will find 8-12 weeks to be the most effective and beneficial time frame.

Hexarelin side effects

The side effects of Hexarelin do not include those of a direct estrogenic nature. Water retention is possible yet it can usually be corrected through a diet, exercise or dosing adjustments. Hexarelin does not aromatize, but it can promote gynecomastia.

The side effects of Hexarelin do not include any of an androgenic nature. Acne and hair loss are not possible with this peptide. Virilization symptoms cannot occur in women due to this peptide.

Cholesterol and blood pressure should not be negatively affected by the use of Hexarelin. Data has shown that the peptide may in fact improve heart health.

Hexarelin is not liver toxic.

Hexarelin will not suppress natural testosterone production. The side effects of Hexarelin may include elevated levels of cortisol. Individuals with elevated levels of cortisol may suffer from insomnia or restless sleep, experience fat gain despite proper diet and exercise, and a weaker immune system. Depression, a decreased libido and increased anxiety may also be signs of elevated cortisol levels.

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