CJC-1295 DAC

CJC-1295 can elevate HGH levels in the body for an extended period of time without frequent administration, even though the increases may not be that significant. However, when we compare the cost of CJC-1295 to HGH, CJC-1295 is definitely an appealing peptide hormone. For the effects of CJC-1295 to take effect, the individual should plan on several months of continuous or indefinite use.

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CJC-1295 DAC
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2mg CJC-1295 DAC (VIAL)

About CJC-1295

CJC-1295 is a peptide hormone that functions as Growth Hormone Releasing hormone or GHRH. GHRH is the hormone responsible for stimulating the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). CJC-1295 functions by promoting a steady and even release of naturally produced HGH in the body. CJC-1295 may be ideal for those looking for steady yet stable levels of HGH.

CJC-1295 effects

The primary benefit of CJC-1295 is an increased level of HGH and IGF-1, that affects nearly every cell in the human body from bone and muscle, lungs, skin and even the central nervous system. They are essential in the regulation and promotion of healing and recovery as well as in the regulation of the metabolism.

CJC-1295 can be used for any purpose of performance enhancement, although fat loss may be where it stands out the most. For the off-season athlete looking to pack on more size, CJC-1295 is not a very good choice, when used alone. However, when combined with other performance enhancing drugs, the individual may find he gets more out of them due to the increase in HGH and IGF-1 levels.

For cutting purposes, because of the greatly improved metabolism, the individual should find fat loss to be accelerated and more powerful. He should also find healing and recovery amplified, which is tremendously important during a cutting phase as cutting can slow down recovery due to the necessary calorie restriction.

Finally, the most beneficial effect of CJC-1295 is the overall enhancement in quality of life, including improved recovery, anti-aging effects, healthier skin and improved bone strength. Direct HGH treatment will provide stronger results, however CJC-1295 is a great option for those looking for more natural HGH enhancement. Users of CJC-1295 should also find their immune system is stronger and that sleep is improved.

CJC-1295 administration

CJC-1295 is a water base injectable peptide hormone. Users will apply bacteriostatic water to the dry CJC-1295 powder in order to mix and draw out the desired dose.

Injections can be performed intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

500-1000mcg per week is the standard dosing range with 500mcg two times per week being optimal for most.

CJC-1295 side effects

The side effects of CJC-1295, while they do exist they do not appear to be extremely common or severe.

With CJC-1295, water retention is possible. High doses are normally responsible for water or fluid retention and can be reduced by dose alterations. Some users may also find they experience a numbing or tingling sensation in their hands or feet during the course of use.

Headaches can also be a side effect of CJC-1295, which is most commonly due to the use of the peptide and drops in blood sugar. Diet adjustments may need to be made during use.

Nausea and diarrhea are also possible yet very unlikely side effects of CJC-1295.

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