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What's The Best Steroid Cycle For Beginners?

The choices are affected simply because some gears which are normally chosen for the first time user are not always the best ones to use; this is because each person is different and one choice may not suit the next person and so on, I will give you an example.

Many moons ago a guy asked my opinion on a first time cycle for himself and one of my obvious choices was and is of course Dianabol, a stand alone steroid that has been proven in battle over the years. Now, the "normal" dosage IS 40-50mg per day at peak in a pyramid fashion not as many would have you think I have said 50mg every day throughout the cycle, this is important to note. 

Anyhoo, he had purchased his cycle from a reputable source and was about to start the cycle. He understood the program in front of him but was cautious and quite rightly so and he decided to take the absolute minimum, well he decided to take just one per day to start. 

I told him I understood his being careful but to be honest one per day, well that would not have normally done anyone any real good. But, the very next day he called me up and was in a state, he was crapping himself big style. He said he thought he was having a heart attack, palpitations, hot sweats, panic attacks, nausea, you name it, he had it - or so he thought. He had gotten into his head that he was not going to get on with this steroid. 

He had discussed his new therapy to friends who had not even taken a single steroid in their life yet he listened to their tales of woe. Neither had he researched anything on the subject, he was convinced he was going to die. I calmed him down and explained that it was a panic attack and the single tablet that he had taken would not have even had the time to dissolve ne'er mind cause any problems. 

The point I am trying to make is that no matter what steroid you choose as a first time user, you have to be sure that you want to use the gear and accept that there will be changes that will happen they are bound to. 

The guy mentioned was totally fine, nothing wrong with him whatsoever but he was just looking for a quick fix, no real intention of training hard but thought that there was an easy way, a shortcut through what can be a minefield of problems unless all the safety factors are taken into consideration and adhered to. But for now, let's look at Dianabol as a choice for a first time user. First a little history on Dianabol followed by a few simple but effective suggestions. 


Methandienone  is indeed one of the best steroids for a first time used because of its fast acting properties one of which is the protein synthesis speed, the repletion of glycogen after exercise and the impressive strength and mass increases that are given so soon after starting its usage. 

What we have to remember here is the simplicity of the cycle and the fact that you are a beginner and the worst thing that you can do is complicate matters by starting off gradual only to read more and more information the next week that really screws up your mind and before you know it your head is so full of crap and confusing information that you cancel out the sensible train of though that you originally intended to follow. So try not to go down that road, this is essential. 

Methandienone Based Cycles and Stackable Additions 

I would use this as one trial project for a total beginner with no additions except for Nolvadex at the designated periods of 20mg per day - as the chart states. The cycle is not heavy but assuming the person had not taken any gear in the past the results usually are quite fast. This is down to the high anabolic an androgenic.

It is a good idea to take the Methandienone during meal times to keep the possibility of intestinal pains caused through gas, this can happen if taken on an empty stomach we have found. Many times I am asked when to take Methandienone; the answer is that many take them in the morning after breakfast but the best way to take it is to split it up into two halves i.e. 3 in the morning during breakfast and the other 3 mid-afternoon, again with a meal preferable. 

The reason for this is that the half-life of this steroid is approx 3.5 - 4.5 hours and an even distribution into the blood stream will help to spread and even the dosage out. Tamoxifen IS recommended from at least week two the alternative would be Proviron. Personally I prefer to take a 20mg Tamoxifen and 50mg of Proviron especially with Methandienone. 

I urge you to heed this advice as gynecomastia otherwise known as "bitch-tit" is not out of the question here as Methandienone converts easily to estrogen and should you have already a slight case of gyno (which many can have naturally before they take steroids), then the problem would be made even worse and prevention is better than a cure. This advice is safer than wishing you had taken the precautions before hand.

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