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​What Growth Hormone does?

The technical bullshit and the chemical equations that some of us simple bodybuilders are coming up with really are beyond belief to be honest. They do not only stand need looking at they also take up a shit load of money and 75% of the day figuring out why and when we should be taking it. Before breakfast, after, in between, 20 minutes after a shit - you know the score. It has become, as I have said a ball ache now when it really is that simple to explain to you even for a dim wit such as myself. 

In a nutshell what growth hormone does is say, “Well, I will take care of all the protein distribution around the body. I will send it to all the places that you are training and ensure that each muscle stimulated (or not), will get the right amount at the right time."

Oh and another thing what I will do. Instead of you having to take in more and more carbs that can turn into fat - sort of - I will get my energy and make sure that you get yours from the fat already in your body. Is that ok? Hope so because that is basically what growth does. And it does it very well too! What it also says is that if you are going to use those steroids in this body, let them get on with the job that they should do and I will take care of the rest. 

Growth even allows the muscle to accept increased nitrogen retention with the use of steroids also, and by letting them get on with their job, fights the fat battle whilst at the same time increasing the bodies growing potential phenomenally. It really is that good a product.

Side Effects of Growth Hormone

The scare stories that have obviously accompanied the G are, in theory correct in their knowledge - reference side effects. The facts that yes it can produce enlarged areas of bone structure i.e. elbow joints, jaw line etc but this again is down to the fact that if you use to much - y’know what comes next. However, I have not known anybody in this sport who has had even minimal problems with the G. These scare stories are of course based on fact but I do not know anyone yet who can point backwards with their elbows.

Growth Hormone

Cycling and Growth Hormone

Personal experience and also because the realization of the unnecessary complicated, scientific cycles that people were coming in with every other bloody day, told me that it needed simplifying in order that it would fit in with my schedules. It work better than I could have expected - and then some.

The steroids that I was using where picked so that could still maintain and gain good size (enough for me), recovery and especially, condition. I like to say in shape as long as possible through the year for the up and coming summer months and the usual attractions.

I used two types of growth hormone; Nordatrophin at first, then I moved onto the famous KABI pens soon after that source ran out. I worked it on a 2 iu’s per every other day system; just jabbed into the layer of fat on my belly with an insulin needle - it worked a treat.

I believed the theory that you shouldn’t take carbs a hour before and an hour after, which meant in some cases that I would wake in the early hours to have my jab. This was easy as I find sleeping a difficult task any- way. Again it worked very well indeed. 

A Few Weeks Later

As is always with me, the growth hormone started to show it’s worth and the results after a couple of weeks were, to be honest, absolutely pheni, phenomen, phenomini - fucking great! At first I saw a bit more vascularity than normal and then I felt the fat on my hips start to go down. I knew that the T4’s (thyroid stimulant) would be kicking arse, especially with the growth, but the Stanozolol 50mg injections were making me harder than a full blooded dick in cement! I love that stuff - Stanozolol not dick! I took a shot every third day in the delt and the pumps on all body parts were bloody amazing to say the least. 

Anyhow, the fat was ripping off me like nothing else and the muscle was left alone to get bigger and better. It was not being used as an extra source of energy like in most situations. This is usually the case when people find that they are overtraining. The carbs are being used up and when they are (i.e. after the first 20 minutes of a workout) then muscle tissue is called up on as reserve energy as it is easier to convert it than fat - although fat is used as well.

This is why you can train and eat well and yet still not grow. See what I mean? When the growth is not being used, the only way to combat this problem is to train enough and rest a lot. It is the only way to grow. It is no good using the muscle tissue for energy. 

Mass or Condition? 

Using growth in a less complicated way is much more enjoyable, easier and definitely safer. As you will read in the next chapter, adding insulin not only complicates things it means that you are playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with a substance far more complicated than you can imagine. You will understand more as you read on. 

I can use the growth for mass or condition without a problem. Increasing my calorie intake with high class protein and inducing carbs at the right times (before and after training especially) make the job easier than you can imagine. Now where is the complication in that and my life has not been in jeapardy one bit and I know it! 

It is one of the safest things that you can use within the realms of ‘chemically assisted training’. If I wanted to, I could stop on it for as long as my wallet allowed me to. The condition gained from its assistance within my training schedule is fantastic. I must stress the word ‘assist’ simply because that is what it is. The growth does not do the job on it’s own, you have to provide the hard bit - growth just adds that bit of shine and you would love it.

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