They are not as bad as the press says, however, they would not know their arse from their elbow if it hit them in the face. All they are looking for is a story and how! Bodybuilders know all to well the side effects that steroids can bring but most know how to combat the effects quite adequately with the use of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C 

This is one of our best mates when on the gear, believe me. It cleans the liver, blood and kidneys and assists the detoxifying team of the body, no end, amongst many of it's other attributes. By it's actions, we can be assured that most of the minor problems can be attributed to use of the gear, and if the over abusing factors are adhered to, the problems are so minimal it is great. 

Vitamin C must be taken daily in order to be able to replenish the stores of the body. Every time you go for a "jimmy riddle", you rid your body of much of the "C" stored therein. It is a water soluble vitamin and you would require at least 2-3 grams per day in order to benefit from this little wonder.

Vitamins and anabolic steroids

Vitamin B-Complex 

Cop this! Have you ever suffered any of the following whilst on the gear, okay in a small way, but have you? Confusion; depression; irritability; hair loss; bad skin; poor appetite; insomnia; difficulty relaxing; constipation; sleepiness after a heavy meal; poor memory? Well maybe I have gone a few examples to far, but we can suffer from these without the gear, I admit. 

The problem is that when we do use it, we are working at optimum levels and these things can happen. The B-Complex can assist in the prevention of one or all these things. B6 can fight against water retention, bloatedness, hair loss and and muscle cramps. I rest my case. 


A good one to take as well because the bones do take a tremendous amount of hammer and anyone on Growth hormone (G.H.), this is a must as the "G" can, if over used, make the bones quite brittle. Not as bad as it sounds, but better be safe than sorry. 


Always best to throw one of these down. Safe guarding against the lack of any vitamin or mineral is the right thing to do. The amounts are quite small, but any amount is better than none and we can never say which one exactly. We may be lacking in one particular area and the multi would be a good fail-safe factor. There are a few quite strong ones on the market, I would suggest one with at least 12 vitamins and 6 minerals, this would be a good one indeed. 

Our tip for Multi-Vitamin is Vitamin Complex 200

Points to note 

It is vital to be careful when choosing supplements. There are many companies out there who would just wait around the door, grab your money and run. Much like some of the gyms that promise you the earth, just before you enroll. After you are in, you can sod off as far as they are concerned.
There are many new customers like us waiting in wings. There is one thing, however, the gyms that take that little bit of time to advise on supplements and training are on the right track. 

Okay, they might not all know exactly what you should take, but the little bit of help does go a long way, agree. Anyhow, if you are not sure. You can always contact me, I'd be happy to help. Remember these few points from the workout professor.