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Training On and Off Steroids

Simplified Steroid Actions 

The number of receptor sites for each individual vary tremendously. It is down to the amounts that we each have in our bodies, that determines our rates of growth. This we cannot change, however, we can make it easier for these receptor sites to accept and deny steroids as they come and go.

If we look at each individual sight as a hand, a catcher, somewhat like a sea anenome if you like, waving about in the blood stream. Our individual number of “catchers” would be waiting there for the protein that we digest, waiting to catch it, assimilate it and send it along to the muscles etc.

Under normal circumstances like day to day living, eating etc, the “catchers” would grab enough protein, at a normal rate, and send it out to the appropriate areas needing it. When steroids are introduced into the system, each individual “”catcher” would be suped up - and then some! It would be quicker, more efficient and also be wearing a baseball catchers mitt - big style. It would miss hardly anything. If effect, very little protein would get past these little buggers.

The trouble is that in some cases, if we swamp the body with to many steroids, then you will become aware of the saying, “... my receptor sights have shut down”. This what can happen. They catch so much, so quickly that they can do more and so nothing, in effect happens; until the steroids have been absorbed and left the body. Hence the need to have a break - have a quick crap! No chocolate here (get that joke and your good!).

Training On and Off Steroids

Strength & Recovery

On the gear, the recovery rate is also far quicker, and that is one of the most important factors of growth. Strength, well with most steroids, there is a definite increase. The appetite goes through the roof to boot and there you have it a combination that spells growth and mass. If the food intake is even just good, you are going to grow to some level without a doubt.

Now a lot of the results of taking gear can depend on the type of person taking it, for instance if a man who already has a low testosterone level and high receptor site level, starts taking gear, he just has to smell it to grow, well almost.

Any increase in test levels will boost his growth, strength and appetite. On the other side of the coin, the man with a very high test level can get good gains at first but not as good as the first man. He could also be the one that has a very low steroid receptor site level too.
This can be awkward as he has to take much larger amounts in order to get some gains. This can also explain why some men get “bitch tits” worse than others; same goes for acne, some get it bad, some don’t. It is all down to your genes. We have to make the best of what we have and take control.

Think about it

After the initial 3 month period, I would advise a lot of thought before any- one goes into steroid therapy. It must not be look at as the one and only way. Try to achieve as much mass and size as possible before trying the gear, so that when you do possibly decide to use it, you would be get- ting on the ladder on a much higher rung than would be normal.

To be in good condition before you start your mass and size training is the best position to be in. Imagine being extremely fat and pumping the juice in, you would be putting weight on top of existing fat and water - now that cannot be good can it? This is the way steroids can be used in safety. The better condition you are in to start, the better you will be on the way through and at the end, if there is an end. This is fact

To train with or without gear is, and should be, purely a personal choice. What are your reasons? if it is because you want to be big, full of water, fat and more shit, then you ought not to be training. If it is because you are drastically underweight then go for it but steadily and surely. Experiment with lower androgenic stacks at first, then build up as you see the results coming. Slowly and surely you will hit the levels that you know will be the best for you.

Double check your advice!

As for competition training and the gear, well that is getting very complicated and I advise that you seek professional help either from us or someone that you know you can trust - this is vitally important. Some of the stupid tricks that people are being subjected to nowadays need avoiding at all costs. You just have to be able to spot them.

For instance, if someone at the gym or club that you train at advises you to take something that you are not sure of, please seek advise from another source also. Double checking does not hurt and is both beneficial and safe at the same time.

I know of several people who were ill advised on many different occasions, mainly due to the fact that the dealers that were “advising” new absolutely fuc* all about the products that they were seeling onto them. They were asking for, example, Primobolan, Stanozolol and Nandro D for precontest use and were given counterfiets in there place. Who knows what they had been on. If they had been given high androgenic gears before a competition, then they were (and did) fill up with water at a time when it should have been at it’s lowest.

In fact, the Stanozolol that one guy was using was a total fake; duck spunk would have been more effective - ahem! Even without the counterfeits, one guy bought many products which in the wanker of a dealer wanted to get rid of - y’know, the flavour of the month syndrome, excess stock. That is a shit thing to do to someone who wants to look his best at the right time. Be very aware of that one please. All it takes is a phone call and we will help as best we can.

Training Methods

Really there is not a great deal of difference to the methods used actually in training when using the gear or not except for the fact, (as discussed previously) that the recovery rate is quite different. This means that you can increase your training and its intensity, quite dramatically. So what I intend to do is break it down into three different stages of training levels, and they are:

  • Beginner 0 - 6 months
  • Intermediate 6 -12 months
  • Advanced 12 months onwards

Each level will have a training system and a stack that will go with it. However, it must be said that even at the advanced stage with the increased training and steroid intake being higher, these people can easily drop down to the lower level intake and gain dramatically. These changes can depend on many different factors such as attitude, personal health, well being, home life, diet, work and many more. It does not mean that more is best - absolutely no way. In most cases, this can shut down your gains and saturate your steroid receptor sights; just like squeezing a sponge and letting it absorb as much as it can, it can only take so much. See what I mean? Remember, once it is in, you cannot get it out until it wears off.

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