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Training and Cycles For Beginners Bodybuilders

Even though the gear can be used with this system, I still recommend that it remain on a three day period only for now, as the extra day or so of rest will prove valuable in the long run. Recovery will be quicker as we know, but that is essential for growth. Patience will be greatly rewarded by not adding to the workout system, extra days - this is vitally important. Also as with all stacks, they can be altered slightly but only in amounts as the whole package is designed from proven experience and results.


Orals or Jabs?

Well I have opted for orals on the first cycle as getting used to the jabbing may take some time for some; for the brave, well they will find out that it is not as bad as everyone tries to make out. Personally, if you take your time, jabbing ones self is quite easy and to leave out the possibility of injections at a later stage, would be restricting you to a much lower choice.

Training for Beginners Bodybuilders

This will be done on Monday, Wed & Friday only, leaving Saturday & Sunday totally workout free. This does not mean that walking, cycling or swimming is out, but doing too much will definitely hinder progress. You have to grow and burning off too many calories will not help at all. It is like building a house, getting the roof on and someone pulling the bricks away from the bottom.

Not Good.The most important point to note here is that the training system must be adhered to totally, not added to and not taken away. By doing what is stated - and only that - you the trainee will grow - this I promise. Even if you were not on the gear, your results would be very good. Do not be tempted to add on extra few bits here and there; the same applies for the gear.

Beginners Three Day Training System 

This system is a shit hot one, never mind what the fuck the ‘old boys’ tell you in the gyms shower room. It will, I guarantee, give much size and strength that you will be surprised and yet elated. It does so by allowing you to train, rest and grow.

On the training days, I suggest that you try the system that follows. At first, try to stay with the sets and reps given, but if you are struggling to complete the work out, reduce each exercise by one set only. Try this and you will find that it will fit around your time and energy. As you progress, you will get stronger and be able to increase as you go through the system.

A point here: the system is basically designed for general gym equipment. However, if you have one of the multi systems that are now readily available, then you should still be ok.

Three Day Routine For Beginners

Warm up for a few minutes, then:

  • Press behind neck - 3x10
  • Squats - 3x12
  • Flat bench press - 3x10
  • Lat pulldowns - 3x12
  • Close grip bench press - 3x10
  • Barbell curls - 3x10
  • Bench dips (feet raised) - 3x12


  • Flat leg raises - 2x maximum
  • Crunches - 2x maximum
  • Bar twists - 2 minutes approx

Keep the rest periods as low as possible so that the pump stays strong. However, should you feel that you need more recovery time - take it. The advantage of such a workout is mainly balance. Everything is and should be hit. Again, and I stress it strongly, when you should rest and take time off please do it. It will be of an advantage to you. Should you wish to train the abdominals at first as part of the warm up, no problem here. Many do prefer to do so rather than have to do them at the end.

Weighing & Measuring

Weight: This must be done once per week only! Pick a day beginning or end of the week and do not weigh yourself again until the following week. Doing so, especially at different times of the day when food and fluids are in and out, will give non-accurate readings. This will start to put you off so don’t furking well do it!

Another good point to think about - weighing scales! The cheaper the scales the more crap the reading, this I found to be so true. The best ones are the mechanical type that are endorsed by the Weight Watchers group. I bought a shit hot set from Argos at around £30-35. Don’t forget to make sure that you put them on a firm base, not on a thick piled carpet. The difference could be something like 5 or 6 pounds of inaccurate readings. Oh and by the way, take your hands out of your pockets!!


Do this once every couple of weeks, preferably once a month. Any more and you will be disheartened, have faith and try to be patient. Remember it takes time to grow and you may lose some body fat as well. Follow these rules and you will have cracked it. You will be quite surprised at the results that can be obtained in the first month. I have known many who have gained as much as an inch on arms, legs, chest etc, just in that short time.

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