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Training and Cycles For Intermediate Bodybuilders

Total body training is still the best way of training for size, strength and guaranteed rest which collectively work perfect together, but splitting can save time and help to concentrate in one on one weaker body parts. This is where the advantage can be greater. In a nutshell, people recover at different rates and routines will suit some, others not. This is the whole point of experimentation in this sport.

I have known people train a bodypart three or more times per week and grow like nothing on this earth and yet on the other side of the coin, one guy who I knew (actually he was a HGV driver for some of the top rock bands) used to do no more than four sets of bench press to maximum, only once per week - absolutely no more than that.

Being on the road a lot meant that he could do no more. He benched massive weights for only four sets, once per week. His chest was absolutely massive, deep and hard. One rule for one lot etc eh - ah well.

Splitting Routines

As a part of progression and also for the individual to be able to feel that they are moving on, we look to advancing the training system on a little further. As explained many times, splitting may be considered an advancement from total body training which it is, but it all depends on how that person has utilized the first stages of their training.

By splitting we can hit a single muscle group with a bit more intensity and hopefully allow it to recover just as good as in the total training syndrome. This must be done no matter what happens; no recovery, no growth.

As an example, in the total system (previous chapter) we work chest only once, in some cases twice. In the split, we could work it over three even four exercises for the group with varying reps etc. As you will see in the example routine given, the time between working the chest from one time to the next is the most important factor. This must be taken note of as it is a vitally important factor for success.

There is not a great deal more that can be said about the system than what can be explained by studying it and getting on with the training. However, you must remember that as with all training routines, you must give them ample time to work.
Don’t be getting on the phone and ringing me up moaning about the fact that the routine “just ain’t working” when (as in one case) you could be down at the poub every night, in the pizza hut all to often and crapping kebabs like there was no tomorrow. It just is not going to work. And the fact that I will tell you to fuck off is another deciding factor - period! Go train hard.

Training For Intermediate bodybuilders


As for the gear intake, well maybe it is time to start and stack a few cycles together and experiment a little more. The choices that we make depends on whether we want more size and bulk or some size with more condition. This is your choice but as a matter of choice, I will give a couple of examples for you to view.

I have used both high and low androgenic gears to give a well balanced stack. Like I have said before many times, the variations for different people can be totally brain fucking, but we will stay with a couple.

Personally, I prefer increasing dosages on the lower androgens with the addition of limited androgenic gears as per my choice. This gives me the best of both worlds and I have never ever had any problems with water or spots in my entire training career. Shoving to much in and not being able to get it out until it wants to come out is one of the main problems that people have all the time. Gradually and steady, a little bit at a time until you know what does and does not work for you.


The two cycles that follow can assist mass and also condition. Again it depends on how the individual approaches their training. If they eat for mass, basically as an example a burger would be a cow with it’s horns cut off and it’s arse wiped, then the stack will assist growth and mass. If they eat well but be especially careful of heavy fats, with a view to gaining size slower with more condition in mind, then the stacks will also do that. It depends entirely on the individual. The amounts given As examples, are by no means considered a lot. They are quite safe indeed.

Cycle Pointers 

In example, we have used Sustanon and Nandrolone decanoate as the main base. These are good choices, picked for their mass building qualities, safety and low water retaining properties. The same goes for the Oxandrolon which will also give a tremendous amount of strength too. This is a great product, if you can find the right one. However, as an alter- native, Stanozolol or Stanozolol injection would be a good choice too. Excellent for condition and size. The Propionate, well this is brought in a little later as a booster and a great hardener of the condition of the body. 

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