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Training and Cycles For Advanced Bodybuilders

Well many of you will think that why should I wait around, just go for it. What could and does happen is that you would usually burn out to quickly - you would overtrain. To get to advanced by doing your apprenticeship is the best way. Injuries are the main cause for packing it all in and they can get so intense that the increased gear will be of little or no help.

It is also important to note that because you can call yourself advanced, it doesn't mean that you have to take more and more gear. In many cases, we have found that little amounts every so often work best and that bucket loads need not be taken. Again, this alters so much with the individual.
Some also find that a couple of cycles per year is enough - even at the advanced stage, you have to monitor yourself all the way. Like I said, look back and use a diary. You will then see what has and has not done the job. Check out the diet you were on, when the best gains were made. How was your home life? Were you falling out? Happy or sad? All these things will affect you greatly I can guarantee that Personally!

The following training routine and stack was designed for someone who was approaching a contest. The workout that he was on changed in the last 6 weeks leading up to the competition, of course which all combined to give him an outright victory, not once but three times in the same year.
I must point out that the workout was a tough one that asked of great dedication and drive for the last four to six weeks. It not only continued to build quality muscle but also fine tuned literally every single body part that the man had. Not everyone could have done it, but the training called for a workout both morning and evening in order that body part could be trained twice per week at the maximum intensity possible.

It was hard. I must point out again that such a system would most certainly put you in an over training category, but if you could sustain it, it would work perfect should you want to get in shape before a holiday for example or maybe another special occasion. The food intake must be increased to compensate for the extra energy required. This would alter greatly in preparation for a bodybuilding contest - please remember that.

Important! - You must be sure that you are in good shape before embarking on such an arduous training regime and contact your doctor for a full check up if you are not sure. Please take note of the points after reading the training system.

Cycles For Advanced Bodybuilders

Precompetition Workout Advanced Condition Phase

Two workouts per day six days per week

Day one: am Workout - calves, abs and delts


  • Standing Calf machine raises 3x 12 - 15
  • Leg press or seated calf press 3x 12- 15

Abs (please do the next two exercises super set fashion)

  • Hanging knee raises - 2x max reps
  • Bench crunches - 2x max reps
  • Standing bar twists - 3 - 5 minutes


  • Light d/bell lateral raises - 3-15 light pump sets
  • Seated d/bell press - 4x 8-10 
  • Single arm lateral raises - 4x 8-10 
  • Seated press behind neck - 3x 10 - 12

Day one: pm Workout - quads, claves, abs


  • Thigh extension - 5x 12-15
  • Squats 5x 15, 12, 12, 10, 15 
  • Leg press or hack squat 5x 15, 12, 12, 10, 15

Hit this body part hard, then rest for a short while then:
Lunges for 3-4 sets in good style. This will pump and shape the thighs. Pose the thighs for a while after this workout. It will help to bring out the stations - good style!

Day two: am Workout - calves, abs and biceps

Abs and calves are as Day one. Possible use as the warm up?


  • Concentration curls (d/b) - 4x 8-10 off knee - sitting or standing
  • Preacher curls - 5x 10 - 12 machine or bar
  • Seated alternative d/b curls - 4x 8-10
  • Single arm preacher curls - 4x 10 - 12

Finish off this workout. With 3 sets of “behind back” wrist curls to pump off the forearm extensors.

Day two: pm Workout - chest and leg biceps/hamstrings


  • Flat d/bell flyes - light and fast - 4x 12 - 15 pump
  • Slight incline d/bell press - 5x10 - 12
  • Flat bench press - 5x 8 -10 as heavy as possible, but go for best style you can
  • Inline d/bell flyes - 5x 8 - 10 full stretch as possible

Leg Biceps

  • Stiff legged dead lifts - 4x 8-10 as heavy as possible off a box
  • Leg curls - 5x 10 - 12 keeping hips down as best can

Note: After leg biceps work, fully stretch the muscles to prevent injury and cramp.

Day three: am Workout - Calves, Abs


  • D/bell French press 4 x 12-15
  • Tricep pushdowns 5 x 10-12 hard as possible
  • Prone (flat) triceps press 5 x 8-10 good style; to forehead
  • D/bell kickbacks 4 x 8-10

Day  Three: pm Workout - Back & Rear Delts


  • Lat pulldowns to front - 5 x 10-12 aim to hit upper chest
  • Single arm rows d/b - 4 x 8-10 heavy as possible here
  • Lat pulldowns to back - 4 x 10-12 full stretch
  • Base row pulley - 5 x 8-10

Rear Delts

  • Bent over flyes - 4 x 8-10 
  • Reverse upright rows - 4 x 8-10


The training, as you can see, is very hard but also extremely effective. Each training routine should be hit hard and fast; in the gym, job done and then out. It will test your strength and will power to the limit, especially first thing in a morning, but who said this sport was easy! But remember, the training system shown was and is designed for approximately 4-6 weeks before a contest. It can be used to get in shape as I have said before but again, it is fuck*ng hard.

As your food intake gets better and of a higher quality, you will see the difference taking place before you. It will not happen over night, but it will happen all the same. Other people will notice it well before you, but stay covered as long as you can so that it does hit them, but not everyday. I love this type of training; the muscle gets harder and the fat starts ripping off - sheer perfection that induces a reaction from the fat bastards who would call you and the disbelievers who may never ever see their dicks again because of the fat bellies that they own. I always advise them to polish their shoe toe caps as that may be the only way that they ever will get the chance.

As for supplements, well I could (and do) recommend many different ones to many different people. But in such a case, and for such a level of training, you would do well to make sure that quality supplements are used for the purpose of achieving high quality results. You would not put parafin in a Porsche now would you? The point being that if you are trying to get the best out of your training for whatever purpose, not taking supplements could be a major downfall that you would regret. Remember, bodybuilding is a sport that takes the shit out of you most of the time, so putting extra vitamins can only be a good thing. Most of us do not eat enough, nor correctly much of the time, so supplements are a back up that only the foolish would pass off.


The advanced stage in bodybuilding is really only a step up in progression. What I mean is that the advancement comes along when you feel that you need to and only then. The beginner can and does quite often make as much progress as the so called advances when they stick to their guns and rest when advised to. But please make sure that you note the titles, beginner, intermediate and advanced stages are there to guide you through what you should be basically aiming for. They are not to be considered as time slots that should you not reach them, you would not gain. This is not so.

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