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Testosterone replacement therapy

Many individuals get surprised when they go to the doctor to fix their low testosterone problem when they discover their testosterone replacement therapy is nothing more than a prescription of anabolic steroids.

The purpose of testosterone replacement therapy

The purpose of testosterone replacement therapy is to provide the body with a synthetic form of testosterone since adequate natural levels are no longer produced. In most cases, this is brought on due to age. As we age, our natural levels of the testosterone decline and once a decline begins it continues to grow each and every year. There are individuals who will experience a decline due to improper functioning testicles or pituitary gland but the most common factor is the age. The majority of men will notice a massive decline in their 40s and 50s however.

Low levels of testosterone can bring lots of negative effects and reduce the overall quality of life. Even though the effects are not directly life threatening, severe low levels of testosterone can indirectly lead to several life threatening problems, such as heart disease and mental disorders, such as Alzheimer's. Through testosterone replacement therapy, we can not only avert these nasty problems, but enjoy a more fulfilled life.

Understanding testosterone replacement therapy

As we understand, the purpose of testosterone replacement therapy is to increase the amount of testosterone hormone in the body in order for proper function to be achieved. To achieve this, the first step is to have your natural levels checked, which can be performed by a simple blood test. Once our levels are officially determined, we will receive the needed testosterone to increase our levels to an optimal range. 

While the success rate is extraordinarily high, in order to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, which can have several side-effects, your doctor will need to check your overall health to ensure your safety. Those who already suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol may find they do not qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, however, only your doctor will be able to determine the most applicable outcome and weigh the risk to reward ratios.

Types of testosterone replacement therapy

Most men will be given one of three types of common therapy but each type, although unique in application form will carry with it the same hormone, testosterone. The most common types of testosterone replacement therapy include either injectable or transdermal application. Injectable testosterone will prove to be the most potent, effective and efficient of all, while transdermal application will work it will not do so at the same level. 

Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy

As the symptoms of low testosterone are brutal The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy can completely eradicate the negative symptoms of low testosterone. Men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy commonly report the following positive effects:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased strength
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Overall well being

The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are very positive. Unfortunately, many men ignore the signs of low testosterone and never do anything about it. This is a crying shame, as therapy is not only effective but a simple, very simple process to undertake.

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