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Steroids For The Older Men

Those questions are asked not, as above, only by people about 50. They come from as young as 30 thro’ to 70 and above. This is fact. Most who are about to staff basic bodybuilding literally give up before they start. That is the wrong attitude to take in the first place. When it come to questions about the gear, for the older person, they seem to think that the older you are the worse it can be - this is not so.

Look at it this way. When a woman goes to her doctor especially in her mid-years, and says that she is feeling down in the mouth, she is tired, no life, always irritable, getting on at the old man, you know the score. This is certainly due to the fact that she could be going through the "change". Her body is adjusting to the fact that she should be slowing down about this time. Her periods stop and basically, she is getting older.

No more child birth and all that; time for a good rest. What does the doctor do in most cases, especially if her case is a particularly nasty one? The good old doctor will in most cases, put her on hot or Hormone Replacement Therapy in order to boost her up. It is all basically down to a lack of estrogen, the female hormone. Estrogen is marvelous stuff for a woman, in fact it can be called a "wonder drug" without doubt.

During puberty, it enhances the unfolding of a girl’s womanhood. During womanhood, estrogens are involved in everything from the suppleness of the skin, cardiovascular health to the preparation of there body for sexual awareness. That’s why it is sorely missed especially after menopause.

The symptons are tiredness, lack of drive, pain during sex, stress, insomnia, hot flushes, need I go on. There is a good reason for explaining all this.Even, at an older age (and also especially after an hysterectomy) the HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is administered, most women can feel as if they have had a new lease of life. They feel revived full of it (and want to be), ready to take on the world. They can cope much better, less stress - they even feel young again. Now tell me, is that really bad. Now for the punch to the story.

Will the Gear Harm Me? 

I must say, before I begin, that if a man has a genuinely low testosterone level, the following advice can apply. Anyone with an already high level can produce the opposite if they shut down their own testosterone production by inputting too much. Like the women, we men, even after the age of 30, can, in some cases, start to lose our testosterone levels that easily.

They begin to diminish, slow down if you like. As we get older, they get less and less; so does our drive and determination. We basically start coming down a few gears. Now comes the best bit. The question usually is, "Will the gear harm me as I get older?"

The answer is, how can it? Let's look at testosterone for a minute. This stuff is the driving force for men. The male hormone, 5 star fuel, the bit that makes us a man, gives us the driving force that we need; gives us the horn - you know. Testosterone is the "bees knees" and without it, well we would all be talking in a high voice, wearing knickers and tucking our nob's under our arse's. You know what I mean. Test is best - It's the Bollocks!

Now then, in John's case, at the age of 50, his testosterone levels were getting lower than whale shit, than a snakes arse if you like, the only way he was going to get it "up" was to stand on his head! Not now though. I suggested that he ought to go back to the doctor and get his advice, armed with the knowledge be now had. The doctor disagreed and advised him to slow down, take some time off and chill out. Grow old with dignity. John told him to go fuck himself! I like John.

His doctor was willing for him to become addicted to the sort of shit that they ought to be struck off for - Valium. You know the type; the ones that give the dietary advice yet are fat bastards themselves. Valium is ok in most cases, say many doctors and therapists for physco's, but not for many. Sorry I cannot agree with that whatsoever. My own mom was hooked on the stuff for years - it can be bad. For fuck’s sake, I used to watch her watching the clock and waiting for the fucking chemist to open the next day when she had run out of the stuff. I hated the doctor’s for what they had put her and us through all those years at home.

John went away and found a good source of gear. He started on a cycle of steroids (see stack) and of course began training with a vengeance. The results that followed were not only in the physique area. His life picked up and then some. He has produced a body that anyone could be proud of. His sex life had gone from south to north, His ladies "bell" IS being rung on a regular basis - and then some. He is a happy man. He believes he can fly - thanks R. Kelly! The wardrobe today - the ceiling tomorrow! 

Steroids For The Older Man


You see, steroid therapy in the older man can and does work for most, if we look at some silly figures for example. Let's say that John's test levels at the age of 20 were, for example, 100. He then reaches age 30, they could have dropped down to eighty. Come the age of 40, maybe they were sixty.
Age 50, then could have dropped down faster than a pro's knickers, who knows, He then starts on a course of say, Test P e.g. How can it harm him when they alone may have only built them up to around sixty again. But he will he feeling like he is 40 again and that is not bad. 

As he took more, he found his own level and knew that he was on enough gear to keep him going and happy. His youthful strength came back, his sex drive, his life. How can that he bad? He would have to take a shit load of gear to overdose, even then he would be miles away from that. Sense prevails.

Even if a man’s testosterone levels are low bear in mind, has never trained and took a shot of gear every week or two, he would feel on top of the world.Testosterone undecanoate for instance is the best that you can get for this. Being an oral, it is easy to take and has no ill side effects - period!

No matter what the doctors, press or government say, where are the dead bodybuilders? I don’t see them lining the streets as they said they would fifty years ago when they did not know what side effects would appear. Sorry guys, you have fucked up again.

We have to be careful when advising, is when it comes down to the young guys and girls. At ages under 18ish, their own hormonal levels should be bursting at the seams. It is right that we should deter them from using the gear. Their results would be far better being natural at these ages. After the age of eighteen, we can only advise that if their gains are still coming strong, leave off the gear.

When they truly stop, well we cannot stop them, but the good advise is the best thing that they can get. Remember that especially if you have a young lad that has obvious potential, maybe in the gym that you are training in. Fuck the trophy cabinet, advise him for safeties sake and not glory. There are hairy arsed fuc* brains out their who don't give a rat's ares. There best advice to kids is to get on the gear, sod the test, That is sad, but it happens.

Unfortunately, impatience sets in, as does it for all or us, but with the young un's, we have to guide a little better. Their growth rate at 14 -18 can be tremendous because of their natural hormonal levels. Advising them to go on the gear at such a time could well slow down or stop their gains quite dramatically. Be careful please and leave them alone - period!

The suggested stack featured in this chapter is specifically designed for an older man and would give excellent condition, some good size and strength on literally any training routine. Personally, I would opt for sets of around 3-4, exercises the same per body part, each body part trained once per week 3-4 days per week; that is, if you want good condition and fitness to boot.

Important Note

I have included Growth Hormone for the first time here in this book but I will try and go a little further later on in the book. But I will not and would not advise the use of insulin; reasons given later. But to summarise, the stack given will give not only good size but excellent condition as well. It is by no means a big stack, in fact you could add to it and gain extra size and strength by adding Methandienone. This can added later. Andriol is regarded as the safest steroid in the world, it is one of the biggest boosters to the male testosterone system. That is not official by the way, that is from personal experience and many others too.

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