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Steroids Clearance Times

The testing methods in use today, involves the analysis of the testos- terone epitesoterone (T/E) ratio, with the upper limit being set at a ratio of about 6:1 tesosterone to epitestosterone. Epitestosterone is a by product of the metabolism of testosterone, more specifically it is the 17-alpha- hydroxy-epimer of testosterone. 

The urine usually contains about equal amounts of test and epitest, with the ration being between one and two in both men and women. The limits set for this test have deliberately been set high so that the individual drug free steroid profiles easily fall under these levels. 

It is a fact that most oil based steroids will need at least four to five months to clear, especially the higher androgenic gears. This will be at the very most though. Oil takes longer to disperse and traces will be left in the muscle tissue and blood stream. 

Before reading this next section, please remember that it is as accurate as is possible. Many different athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders have followed the guidelines to some great success. However, I would always err on the side of caution and if in doubt, give the time limits that little bit longer. 

Anabolic Steroids

The other main point that I would like to put especially to the bodybuilding fraternity is that by all means take in the information as knowledge is the key factor as it should be. But remember, most body- building shows are not tested, simply because if they were no one would turn up! Am I right or wrong? The former? I agree!

Note that all time periods are approximate and I would allow a little more time either way for safeties sake.

Used up to three weeks before a drug tested event 
Two orals are featured here and they are:

Both of these orals are absorbed into the system quickly and out as fast.

To be stopped five weeks before an event
Three more orals featured include:

To be stopped two months before an event
Five injectables which include:

To be stopped at least four months before an event
Most oil based steroids should be stopped four, even five months before a contest/event. These include:

Finally, it is worth it to note that Deca Durabolin and Durabolin (both nandrolone esters and the cause of many 19-nortestosterone positives) should be avoided at all times especially when the event/contest is guaranteed to be tested.

Both these products can be detected in the system for well over a year or more - results have proved. Obviously, the strength of the steroid would have diminished considerably as time passed and the test would prove more difficult the longer it was left. 

For now, I would suggest that after coming off the steroids you drink plen- ty of water with pure lemon juice in it. This will assist the system in flushing itself out. Five to six grammes of vitamin C taken per day will also do the job, in fact any kind of diuretic will help to keep the urine as clear as possible. Anything is better than nothing. 

With regards to masking the tests that you could find yourself looking for- ward to, there are a few things that you can do to at least throw the hounds off. Drinking bicarbonated water will upset things just a bit in fact anything that will either turn the urine acidic or alkaline will confuse things enough to really piss the officials off!

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