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How Important is Recovery Factors for Bodybuilders

Hitting one body part per week did not seem enough at all, especially when you are trying to grow. As I have said many times, and always will the best workout for size IS the three day total body system without a doubt. but after sometime (and it has been tried and proven) the two systems started to meld together like nothing else. It meant combining the two a piece at a time and most important, being patient and hanging in there.

Three day

As said, the three day will stimulate growth like nothing else but it's advantage is down to the fact that the forced rest and recuperation that you should be taking, does really boost growth after forcing the muscles to go through as much pressure as possible.

Pyramiding weights and increasing by 5 -10Ibs at a time is a sure way of increasing size and strength - that is widely known. Many trainers do not realise the advantages of rest, taking instead the view that more is better; which in fact is not the case. This is most definitely the big secret that people seek and yet many do not find.

The advantage of the three day system IS the fact that, if adhered to correctly, after being stimulated the muscles have no choice but to grow and recover. Think about this, most who first start out in training and use this method do grow at a phenomenal rate for the first two or three months and then as the size and condition starts to hit home they are so chuffed; as can be expected.

However, the next mistake comes into play. Because they feel that the gains are so good, the belief is that more should be done - and is! Wrong! This is when the plateau is hit and the gains stop.

Usually, this takes the form of many different methods. These can be either, more reps, more sets, both, extra exercises (especially on arms), less on legs, to much aerobic work, training just a little in between the training days.

This kills the system totally. Most give up or move onto another system like spilts, where they can blast away even more at the muscles which still cannot recover enough, unless they are allowed to. Sad but true, it is a learning process that unfortunately takes quite a long time to find out about and a think about the time wasted and the gains that could have been made!

Recovery Factors for Bodybuilders


Of course the muscles worked have to be hit hard - and on every body- part worked. Using the three day as an example again, the work load has to be spread out as fairly as possible in order to maintain balance - which is all important.

No one wants to look like a golf tee especially if the legs are not worked. They bloody well need it because working a muscle group such as legs helps stimulate growth all over the body; even more so on chest because of the increased air taken in through it.

Using the recovery advantage to it’s maximum is the most important aspect of this subject. I agree that the diet and the training follow closely but without maximum rest you will hit that wall - without doubt. You must remember that it can be used with any system that has been invented. Those who do not feel that they are gaining must look to this part of there training before any other.

If we take the split system shown for instance, (which has proved to be very successful) using one body part per week, we can look at the ways that it can be utilized.

Every four or five weeks, each body part will be worked twice in that particular week. Each group that falls into this category would obviously start on a Monday to be done again the following Friday. This is not a disadvantage, but an advantage.

This is the time to really hit that body part hard to take advantage of the fact that come the week end, it will have had plenty of time to recover, plus another day or so. This helps a great deal. Remember this, if for instance the arms have been trained hard and the next days workout is back e.g. the biceps are still being worked - indirectly and directly.

See now that the maximum amount of recovery is vital for growth. Same thing goes for chest. When this large group is hit, so are the triceps. Another? Delts and Triceps! They are all getting hit hard not only on the days when they should be, but on their off days as well. Maximum recovery is vital for growth.

Workout One Body Part Per Week

Try this system for at least one month and you will be surprised at the results. That is if you utilize all the facts that have been given. If you are on the gear, ok, no problem - it will only help the recovery. But remember, the gear, whatever you use, will not make you recover enough if you are constantly blasting away at one particular body part more than twice per week.

If you should do more than that, your workouts should be done over no more than half an hour. Even that may be to much. However, some people can and do thrive on more work than others, but they are a small minority - this I know, but for now we will work on the higher. Note that you can start with any body part at the beginning of the system - but stick with it.

Five Day Workout

  • Monday - Legs & Delts 
  • Tuesday - Chest & Delts
  • Wednesday - Back & Delts
  • Thursday - Triceps & Biceps
  • Friday - Legs & Delts
  • Saturday - Rest
  • Sunday - Rest

I know what you are thinking, to much delts - no! This is done to spread a body part which gets a lot of work anyway. All you have to do on these days is say, 4 sets of lateral raises on Monday; 4 sets of press behind neck on Tuesday and maybe 4 sets of rear delt work on Wednesday.
This will not overwork them but save you time in the long run. You will also find that the gains will come quicker too. You can even try putting the delts before the main muscle group; this will help in warming you up for the big push, especially on the leg day.

On Friday, the last workout, in this instance would be Legs & Delts; remember that come the following Monday, you must start with the next workout following, which in this case would be chest etc.

This follows a fluent cycle that enables each and every body part to be worked out hard. When the time comes for a group to be worked twice - each gets it’s own. It is nice and simple, but needs to be left that way. Do not worry about overtraining as it will not happen IF you stick to the way it is written down. It will work.


It is important to remember that the main groups to be worked must be worked - hard and intense! No bullshit here, hit the hell out of the muscles. They are going to need it simply because they are going to get a good enough rest after their ordeal - if done right, they will need it.

My training partner Chris and I, have been absolutely bolloxed many times after finishing each workout, when we were on it. You must make yourself deserve the pain, deserve the pump and deserve the results. No one said it would be easy. Even after only ten sets of leg work, we were walking towards the water bottle like John Wayne and not being able to stop a pig in an alley. Shit it hurts when you want it to - and we want it. So should you.

Don’t kid yourself, we don’t. Ok, on the gear or not you have got to realise that this game is not easy. If you think it is, get out of it. We take enough shit as it is and we do not need anymore. You got into the game to be either big, strong, conditioned, athletic looking, whatever the reason, but without that drive and determination in your heart - forget it.

You are not in a sport where you can give up that easily, that is if you are made of the stuff that you think you are. There are many aspects that have to consider in order to succeed and we have to take them on or just forget it.

We involve our whole families; our social life is changed in order to accomadate the little time that we spend in the gym, but that is the way it is. Bodybuilding is hard and I am glad that it is. It takes more than a strong will to achieve what we call perfection. Even when we think that we have reached our goal - we know that there are steps that we have to take to go even further.

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