Am I Healthy Enough to Take Steroids? 

Most athletes have been; if they weren’t we would see more statistics of severe health problems. Never assume that you are just like most athletes. For all the money athletes spend on steroids, it’s curious that very few bother to get a yearly physical, and at least twice a year some blood tests
In the unenhanced state, the ideal athlete should have normal blood pressure, cholesterol below 200 unimpaired liver and kidney functions (with these values adjusted from a strength athlete’s metabolism), no incidence of pubescent male gynecomastia, no high incidence of male pattern baldness. Only with knowledge of these values can you estimate whether you are healthy enough for steroid use. 

Am I Psychologically Strong Enough to Use Steroids? 

Most of the consistently successful bodybuilders and powerlifters have a simple outlook on steroid use. They found what worked for them early on in their athletic careers and kept with it. No experimentation. No doubt. Athletes who have trouble mentally with steroids usually also will have trouble with their physical health as well, because they always seem to be searching for the best and not even care about their health. 

Addictive or abusive personalities have trouble with steroids. I’ve often thought that each individual has his own personal narcotic. Sometimes it’s a real narcotic, for others it could be another drug, including steroids. It could be food, alcohol, money, power or sex. Whatever eases the pain.

Questions About the Anabolics Steroids

Which Specific Ones Should I Take and How Much and For How Long? 

I am always bemused at how often this is asked of me when the questioner really doesn’t want an answer. Mostly, the athlete wants me to vindicate his pre-determined choice. His (or her) mind is already set: he’s just asking for approval. Since it is another person’s body and life I’m dealing with, I’ll admit that I’m cautious. I could spew out stacks and arrays that would give instant gratification, but I won’t. 

Stock answer? Try a legal, safe array and determine if it generates enough gains to make you happy. If you are unhappy with your performance on a steroid combination, analyze your training and eating before jumping to something else. The more potent in the array, the more you will encounter negative side effects. 

How Long Should I Stay on Steroids? 

If you have picked a ‘light’ stack, low dosage, low toxicity, very little side effects, and you train consistently thoughout the year, then it’s possible to use steroids on a year-round basis. If you are on and off, erratic in your training, I don’t think it is beneficial to use steroids when you know you are just goofing. 

The more potent cycles should be of a short duration, 6-12 weeks, either cycled back and forth with the safer stacks, if you are a year ‘round competitor, or perhaps only once a year if you are a once a year competitor. 

A good general rule to go by is this: The more potent, the more side effects; the more side effects, the shorter the duration. With drug tested events becoming more common, steroid use and duration has changed. Before drug testing, the largest incidence of steroid use was just before the event, for perhaps 8 to 12 weeks. Now athletes will use steroids for most of the year except the last 3 to 4 weeks before the event.

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