Lie #1 Steroids Will Kill You

Some steroids are more harmful than others; educated athletes know which ones are the harmful ones. Also, most athletes have absolutely no health problems while on steroids, some do. Some steroids are safe to use by women and children; we know which ones are. Many are not; these are also known along with their specific side effects. Accept this promise, please: do not judge steroids as a genre, but on an individual basis concerning physical health hazards. 

Lie #2 You Can Get the Same Results Without Steroids 

You just have to work longer and harder. Haupt and Rovere, two MDs writing in a 1984 American Journal of Sports Medicine laid that to rest. Well trained athletes will always encounter the ultimate performance wall, the catabolic effect of cortical steroids, secreted in response to a certain high level of training, allowing the body to get no stronger. Anabolic steroids are the only drugs which overcome the catabolic effects of cortical steroids and allow the body to break through this performance wall. Steroids increase muscle mass and strength past what they would naturally be as limited by the body's own secretions.

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Lie #3 Bodybuilders Who Pass the Drug Tests at Contests Are 'Natural' 

That's as true as any pro bodybuilder, male or female, proclaiming that he/she never took steroids. Give me half a day and I can find out who he buys his steroids from. I probably know already. Most of the girls who pass the drug tests do it like this (hey, one top pro, one top amateur told me the same things): 21 days out they stop their Stanozolol and their Oxandrolone. They test clean. 21 days seems to be as close so far as the girls dare to get to the test, although one pro girl said, off the record, that she does it in 11 days. Goldman would have an easier time finding out who really was natural by drinking the urine samples. 

Lie #4 Anabolic Steroids Do Not Enhance Athletic Performance 

Anabolic steroids do not enhance athletic performance. Doesn't this just have to be absolutely true? All the drug companies include this statement in all of their steroid product inserts. The American College of Sports Medicine supports this statement. Well, if they didn't work, why do we have to test for them in amateur competitions? If they really don't make a difference, why go to all the bother? The average cost of a urine test for steroids is $170 per sample. 

Lie #5 All Counterfeit Steroids Are Fake, Dirty and Dangerous 

So says the government. If this were true, counterfeit steroids wouldn't be a problem. They wouldn't work, people would got sick, and very few people would buy them. Are they dirty? The government never made that claim in their indictment. Fake? The 'old standbys' appear real, but how do you determine whether an exotic designer steroid which never commercially existed in the first place is a fake? The Dihydromesterone was originally Boldenone, then was Nandrolone mixed with Oxymetholone. Testosterone Enanthate was once Testosterone Cypionate. Trenbolone could have been Parabolan or vice versa. Everything else seemed to be what it said it was, and subjectively appears clean.

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