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Dieting Off and On Steroids

Most think that by taking the gear alone, all of the protein, carbs and fat will turn to muscle - this is not so. Steroids will certainly boost the growth process but unless it is specifically designed to burn off fat, it will not do two jobs at once. This is why people get disheartened and come off steroids, only to pull it’s results down - and us with it.

One question that I am asked more than any other and that is: "I want to be as big as possible but lose all excess fat. I need to eat lots to get big, but keep getting fatter Help!" Same question week in week out. Let me put the record straight: you cannot achieve maximum size without putting on some excess fat; you have to go over the required weight and then some more, so that you can lose the fat and reveal the hard muscle underneath - there is no better way to be honest. You have to eat a lot of food in order to do this. 

The main important point to remember is it has to be as higher quality as is possible, that is if you want to reduce the body fat that you put on. However it will take a lot longer, but in my opinion, this is the way I prefer to do it. Eating at regular intervals, say every three or four hours, is the best way to go about it. Your body gets used to the fact that it has incoming fuel to be able to grow and have the energy to train. That is the big secret that everyone asks about; yes there is one and that is it - regularity!

A large percentage of bodybuilders prefer to eat and go over their target weight and then diet it off. It works but it is a ball ache, having to diet down so hard especially after getting used to eating so much food. That's hard, but it can and will give the body enough protein than it needs, then get rid of the rest. This dispels the 1g per 2.2kg body weight theory in my eye. Everyone is different and we cannot say what our levels until we have experimented with many different percentages ourselves.

Dieting and Steroids

Ok, as a guideline I suppose that it is something for many to go on, but it has made many fat too! Eating over the top and gradually reducing the calories down bit by bit, you will eventually come to a point that will be comfortable on your stomach. You will find at that point that you will still be able to put on size, reducing the amount of excess calories and also reducing fat accumulation.

Using measured protein powders in between or replacing meals, will allow you to reach quite an accurate table of calorie intake. On this type of mass eating system, I personally would recommend a ratio of 75% protein, 20% carbs and 5% fat. Being heavier will mean you will not need to be rushing around the gym so fast and you will be using low to medium reps. See, there is not a lot of carbs needed this way.

The plus is that once the body has used up it's carb levels (which will be quick) then the body has to convert some of the extra protein and fat to energy so it can work quite well. Personally I prefer to condition my physique as best I can before increasing the food intake - and very gradual at that.

I do not like too much extra fat, because when I really bang it on I am afraid that I will not see my dick for a few months - or polish my boot tips etc. (I wonder how our Richard is these days?). By conditioning and getting rid of some excess fat before hand, it makes me feel good - mentally and visually.

Being such a handsome bloke, I do not want to hurt the ladies feelings and upset most of the general public - ahem! By gradually adding new foods to my diet, such as tuna chicken, steak. fish, eggs etc, etc at different times, I can see how it affects me fat and muscular wise.

This is really the most fun way of dieting as I can still be staying in shape all through the growth period - plus I can stop whenever I want and perfect the condition and weight that I decide I want to stop at at any stage that I want. Being in fairly good shape and condition all through the growing process helps a lot. Plus being in shape through the summer and winter months helps a great deal; the compliments from other people keep me training hard and all I have to do is remember being a fat bastard years ago makes me train even harder.

Have a Pig Out Day!

If you have to diet all year round and have come to the conclusion that there will be no rest from this way of life then there is nothing to look for- ward to, literally. Bodybuilding should be enjoyed and looked forward to, but if we have to take that way of thinking totally then the sport has about as much enjoyment as a wank in a sanded glove! Yeah, you can be disciplined without a doubt, there is no other way of doing it, but without any- thing to look forward to the sport becomes a shit streak that you want to wash out. This is where we have to put in a failsafe day - a pig out day if you like which will cause you no harm whatsoever. In fact, it helps to boost the metabolism a helluva lot.

If from Monday to Saturday you are watching your diet so well that it is the last thing that you fall asleep thinking of, then you need the break on the coming Sunday. It does not even have to be that day, pick any one. Personally, I look forward to it so much it makes me sharper with regards to my diet. Come Sunday, I take the day on and love it.

I start the day with a full breakfast - and I mean furking full! Eggs, can be fried, scrambled, poached or whatever my fancy takes. I follow this with bacon, mushrooms, y’know, the full monty. At lunch, the traditional Sunday is my main aim. Yorkshire pudding are coming out of my ears by the time I have done covered in gravy (hang on a minute while I wipe my lips!) - you know the score. I still make sure that there is adequate protein going in, but enjoy the fact that chocolate, ice cream and the occasional gateaux is also slobbering over my taste buds.

I can sense the unbelievers out there shuddering at the thought of so much enjoyment and even worse, the guilty thoughts of the aftermass! What a load of bollocks let me tell you now! I can guarantee that not one extra pound goes on my body that should not be there.

I wonder why then, my disbelieving friends, why all year you can push your finger into my abs, in fact anyone of the six pack and get about a half an inch depth. But it is true! The food that goes in does in fact boost my metabolism so much that it is hard to believe at times. My body feels that the extra sugar is a bonus and works even harder to get off. It has a break if you like - it also fucking well enjoys it too!

You see for the body to get fat and I mean fat, it needs to have that amount of abuse for quite a length of time. It needs, if you like, a routine. I am constantly doing things as best I can. Bringing up a three and a half year old boy on my own does make things a little more difficult, but train- ing at least 5 days a week as well tends to kick the shit out of ones body as well.

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